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How to make your LinkedIn profile effective


✅ How to make your LinkedIn profile effective.
So many classmates ask me this all the time and my tips are:
➡️ Completeness: If your content is not complete or you are missing information, you are at a disadvantage. So then, fill out all the information in your profile in an objective and relevant way.
➡️ Consistency: It means taking stock of your Linkedin profile and your professional profile. The message, posts, articles that you build as a professional should be the same as your profile to convey who you are.
➡️ Authenticity / personality: The platform is composed of people who are part of companies. So it is essential that you authentically show your information and produce your content with the maximum fidelity to your personality. As I mentioned, companies are made up of people who are interested in professionals who can demonstrate their personality.
➡️ Visual: Linkedin has several functions, including adding media such as links, videos, images to provide a friendlier view of the profile as well as providing additional information to the topic covered.
➡️ Up-to-date: Always update! Always be updating your information and producing content demonstrating your skills as well as your potential as a professional. Never let go of what you can do later!

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