Content Creator and Social Media ManagerThe Kc Agency Inc.Toronto, ON•Remote$20 an hour LinkedIn marketing: 2 years (required). We are looking for a Content Creator and Social Media Manager who will be driving the digital strategy for brands we… 30+ days ago·More…View all The Kc Agency Inc. jobs – Toronto jobsSalary Search: Content Creator and Social Media Manager salaries in Toronto, ON

We are a boutique social media agency in Canada specializing in digital and social media campaigns across various platforms (i.e., Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, etc.). We work hands-on with small-to-medium-sized companies to increase their reach and engagement organically. This will be a WFH position indefinitely, M-F with flexible hours on a project basis.

We are looking for a Content Creator and Social Media Manager who will be driving the digital strategy for brands we work with. This position reports to the CEO directly. If you have a passion for content writing, graphic design, and everything social media, we could be an exceptional fit!

· Develop an action plan and implement digital strategy for our clients (i.e., deep understanding of the industry(s), KPIs, competitor analysis, trends, SWOT analysis, content strategy, etc.)

· Write new content and website copy as needed (i.e., blogs, email marketing campaigns, etc.)

· Create and edit social media content (i.e., graphic design elements, photos, videos, etc.)

· Create and maintain social media content calendars

· Create unique campaigns that heighten brand awareness, collect UGC and testimonials

· Influencer marketing

· Manage and coordinate projects cross-functionally with other departments

· Detailed monthly analytics tracking with a report on campaigns’ ROI.

Skills Required:

3+ years of experience in:

· Content creation within graphic design, photo, and video with portfolio examples

· Experience with editing software (Photoshop, Canva, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, etc.)

· Experience in managing brands on social media with portfolio examples (analytics delivered)

· Strong copywriting and communication skills

· SEO knowledge

· Web development and PPC experience is considered an asset

· Attention to detail and analytical skills

Job Types: Part-time, Temporary, Casual, Freelance, Internship / Co-op

Pay: From $20.00 per hour

Application question(s):

  • Do you have experience with blog writing and SEO? Please describe.
  • Do you have 3+ years of experience with engagement and growth strategies + drafting social media content calendars for Facebook, Instagram, etc.? Please describe.
  • Do you have 3+ years of experience with graphic design (i.e., Canva, Photoshop)? Please describe + send a link to your portfolio.


  • LinkedIn marketing: 2 years (required)

Work remotely:

  • Yes

Content Creator and Social Media Manager


Social Media CoordinatorSpectrum Medical Diagnostics, Inc.Mississauga, ON•Temporarily Remote$17 – $25 an hour This position will focus on the planning and execution of our *social media strategy across Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogs*, plus *influencer campaign… 25 days ago·More…View all Spectrum Medical Diagnostics, Inc. jobs – Mississauga jobsSalary Search: Social Media Coordinator salaries in Mississauga, ON

We are seeking a creative, driven, and hard-working Social Media Coordinator with a passion for health & wellness to lead our social media strategy. The ideal candidate is a team player who thrives in a fast-paced environment and is passionate about the power of social media and community.

This position will focus on the planning and execution of our social media strategy across Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogs, plus influencer campaign development and management.

Key Responsibilities:

· Develop and manage social content and influencer strategies across Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogs, and more.

· Stay attuned to industry trends and research examples of social and blog content to incorporate into our own strategy to maintain relevancy.

· Align content and social media programs to SEO best practices.


· Design and create visual assets for social channels

· Assist in the thorough and careful editing of visual and blog content.

· Upload, schedule, and tag social and blog content (incl. brand and product tags/links and campaign URLs on social; alt tags, photo captions, meta descriptions on the blog; etc.).

· Assist in moderating and responding to comments across social platforms.

· Cultivate and nurture relationships with media, influencers, and other affiliate partners.


  • Experience with Photoshop and/or Canva (preferred)
  • University Degree or College Education (Marketing, Communications related fields preferred)
  • A flexible individual who is open to doing additional tasks when required
  • Energetic, positive, and enthusiastic individuals who work well in a fast-paced, team environment
  • Microsoft Office experience: 1+ years
  • Marketing/Advertising experience: 0-5 years
  • Social Networking and/or Social Media Ads: 0-5 years
  • Customer service or public relations experience is an asset

Part-time hours: 25 per week

Expected start date: 2021-09-07

Job Types: Part-time, Permanent

Salary: $17.00-$25.00 per hour

Additional pay:

  • Bonus pay


  • Work from home


  • Monday to Friday

Work remotely:

  • Temporarily due to COVID-19

Social Media Coordinator


10 reasons to invest my efforts on Linkedin as an International Student

Janser Bob blog post

Linked In has become the primary platform for all professionals looking to establish a strong connection with peers, networking, and as a source of knowledge.

Currently, Linked in has over 700 million users, being recognized as the most trusted social network in the U.S.

Thus, connecting millions of professionals worldwide, it’s a kind of social network that unquestionably every professional should pay attention to.

But how about International Students? LinkedIn can offer the same level of value? The answer is yes.

Here are the 10 reasons to invest your efforts on LinkedIn as an International Student:

  1. Networking
  2. Job search
  3. Portfolio showcase
  4. Personal branding
  5. Learning
  6. The impact of Keywords on my field
  7. Share your voice
  8. Collaboration
  9. Volunteer
  10. Self-analysis

Let’s take a look at each one in detail:

1) Networking:

LinkedIn can help not only professionals but International Students and newcomers as well. While you are studying, it is critical to practice networking, expanding your network of contacts in your desired industry. It’s a long run journey to do it properly. It’s all about the trust you need to develop within your network to make it stronger and, eventually, to get your dream job.

2) Job search:

Especially post-pandemic, LinkedIn provides you with the channel to connect with peers and people who can definitely help you get the job you want. Bear in mind that you can get a job by applying for one job post or be recommended for someone. Either way, it is crucial to be active on LinkedIn to be seen and remembered.

3) Portfolio showcase:

Did you ever heard the quote “A picture is worth a thousand words”? Well, in LinkedIn, it’s the same. It’s the perfect place to showcase your portfolio, whether as a visual portfolio or a portfolio of achievements. Yes, you can definitely build a portfolio illustrating all your achievements from a quantitative perspective, representing what you have generated with charts and simple illustrations. With that, you can leverage your authority in your industry.

4) Personal branding:

How about your positioning as a professional? Take your journey to the next level shaping your personal brand on LinkedIn. Approach this opportunity as a chance to treat your name as a brand. Your goal is to build credibility and authority around your name. If you are really good at something, why not be recognized for it?

5) Learning:

LinkedIn has a learning section with over 16,000 expert-led courses available covering many industries. The Linkedin Learning. It is a great place to grow your skills and keep you up-to-date, especially as an international student. When you complete a course, you earn a certificate to add to your portfolio, sweet no? To make it even better, you can view the courses anytime on the way on your phone or your computer.

6) The impact of Keywords on my field:

This is another strong reason to invest your efforts on LinkedIn as an International Student. The Skills section is available to compose a board where you can list up to 50 skills you have related to your industry or job position. It is a great tool either for self-analysis, identifying potential gaps to work on, or recognizing the top 3 skills you are proficient in.

7) Share your voice:

Don’t be shy! The world wants to hear from you. And LinkedIn will recognize you. The more often you post on LinkedIn, the more on top of the page you will be positioned in potential job search bringing only benefits. Share your opinion around a specific topic, write an article about your industry. Did you read a book and have some insight relevant to share? Go ahead and be active in sharing your thoughts.

8) Collaboration:

With the power of connecting millions of people, LinkedIn can be used as a resource to help you out with tasks related to your studies. Some of your activities may require the opinion or collaboration of others, and you can definitely get what you will need on LinkedIn.

9) Volunteer:

Like job search, there are many volunteer opportunities available on LinkedIn. Struggling to get your first job as an international student? Try volunteering first to shape your skills and creating your networking foundation. Look for some kind of activity with some level of challenge to put yourself out of your comfort zone. You won’t regret it.

10) Self-analysis:

Last but not least, self-analysis is critical to success. The best practice is to review your profile periodically. Set goals and review them based on realistic expectations in terms of number of contacts, number of interviews, etc. Not only a better LinkedIn profile you can build but especially a better sense of direction you can get as an International student to achieve your goals.

Final thoughts

There are several reasons why you should invest your efforts on LinkedIn as an International Student. However, these are the top 10 I would suggest as a starting point for you. Make a plan, enjoy the journey, and be the best version of yourself every day. Take a look at another post What you should know about the importance of taking action on Linkedin

Top 20 Skills In Demand on Linkedin Canada by Job March 2020

Top 20 skills in demand for Digital Marketing Specialist in Canada

For a long time, I have been following the skills in demand on Linkedin for my career.

The position as a Digital Marketing Specialist grows exponentially and has become one of the prominent positions in Marketing. It also helps us to keep up to date on what is expected of your evolution as a professional.
In 2020, I will be promoting the Top 20 skills in demand for Digital Marketing Specialist in Canada as well as positions that interest my audience and clients.
For all the 100 first positions named Digital Marketing Specialist, I collected the Criteria provided by the job poster. Example below:

top skills in demand on Linkedin

Position: Digital Marketing Specialist
Location: Toronto – Canada
Source: Search Jobs Linkedin

  1. Ad Serving
  2. Adobe InDesign
  3. Adobe Photoshop
  4. Analytical Skills
  5. Business Development
  6. Campaign Strategies
  7. Campaigns
  8. Cannabis
  9. Content Development
  10. Content Management Systems (CMS)
  11. Content Marketing
  12. Data Analysis
  13. Digital Communication
  14. Digital Marketing
  15. Digital Marketing Experience
  16. Digital Media
  17. Event Management
  18. Front-end Development
  19. Google Ads
  20. Google Analytics

What do you think about these top 20 skills in demand for Digital Marketing Specialist in Canada?

🛑 If you want to see the list of skills in demand for your profession here too, leave a comment with the name of the position you want. 😀 ✅

12 Professionals to follow on Linkedin

Whom should I follow on Linkedin?

A close friend asked me this question and I decided to do my list.
What I can say is that we should always follow those professionals who are committed to creating the best content related to their interests.
I’ve always known that women have the most important role in society, it’s been on my mind since childhood.
With that, I’ve been learning a lot from women who make a difference on Linkedin. For you who are really committed to growing your career, I have listed some professionals who are making a difference in my journey.
I would say you must follow these women on Linkedin!
If you want to learn more about networking, marketing, LinkedIn, personal branding, retail, resume/cover letter, and business you should follow the profiles listed below.
Gabriela Castro
Jeniffer Cattalo
Liz Ryan
Laura Sturmer
Dr Natalia Wiechowski
Ana Lokotkova
Shelly Elsliger
Laura Smith-Proulx
Kirsty Bonner
Ana Forlin
Adrienne Tom
Shay Rowbottom
Amanda Goodall
Share with your friend that wants to learn and grow his network on Linkedin. 😉
Follow me on Linkedin and stay tuned on my content. 😉

Linkedin Profile Best Practices

✅ Linkedin Profile Best Practices

I would say that these strategies worked for me and will work for you.
1️⃣ Professional photo: * Dressing professional and a plain background. You can get 21x profile more views and 36x more messages;
2️⃣ Up to date information * List your current position or your work field;
3️⃣ Engage title and relevant skills * List your main skills and engage skills in the title. Members with more than 5 skills receive 5x more messages by recruiters and have more than 75x more profiles views.
4️⃣ Location, location, location… * Most of the recruiters looking for potential candidates by location;
5️⃣ Summary * Summarise your experiences and goal. Tell who you are and the goals that you want to achieve.

TIP: Check if your skills match the strengths you want to be known for.

Don’t be shy and always add your personality!

What a Recruiter Would Recommend to a Job Seeker

What a Recruiter Would Recommend to a Job Seeker

Imagine you’re a high end professional that decides to move to another country to learn a new language and start your career again… This situation is faced by many immigrants in Canada who have immigrated for the College experience.
However, the first concern is – “how can I find a job?”. The market holds many sources for it but for a high-end professional, then Linkedin is so far the best way to get a chance to get hired in your field. But how can we make our profile stand out in the market? That’s the main goal for most of us and I got a great opportunity to interview a recruiter in Canada with more than 10 years of experience hiring people across Canada.
His name is Mr. James Machado who kindly shared with me some perspectives of job seekers and also provided points of view from recruiters. Something that I could say in advance is that I learned so much from Mr. Machado about how recruiters are facing some situations from job seekers. Let’s take a look at all the points of the interview and get to a conclusion.
1. As a recruiter, what do you look for in a candidate’s Linkedin profile?
“First thing is the experience and then other things. Depends on the market the candidate is looking for. So, target your profile for the market and the position you’re looking for and ensure that the work experience is related to the job position.”
2. When a candidate is from another country, what would you like to see in their Linkedin profile?
“It’s very important that they are looking for a specific job they target. Don’t do a “universal” resume like a generic CV. Make sure your CV appeals to that specific position and do it by bullet points.”
3. Is it important to show some numbers or achievements?
“Depends on the position and how you are going to sell yourself, but it’s very important! If you’re looking for an accounting position you should show some numbers to explain what you can do. If you’re an architect, show your projects. For a web designer, it’s very important to show one’s portfolio that has been developed.”
4. Is it important to match all skills to the position or can you choose a candidate with fewer skills?
“The skillset is very important and also the way that you show the skills. You can show your skills using KEYWORDS. If you have delivered exceptional customer service, customer service keyword must be there. If you work with a specific program as AUTOCAD, the keyword must be there as a keyword and also some projects as an example.”
5. About resume and cover letter, what can we do to make our profiles stand out to recruiters?
“As a recruiter, we look for someone very personalized. It means personalized yourself and experience to match that job and requirements for that job. If you are serious about your job search: First, you have to study that field; Second, you have to know what the company is looking for; Third, read the job requirements properly.”
6. As a recruiter, what kind of tips could you give?
“You should go back to the basics! First part: Be on time, be well presented to the interview, and make sure that your deadlines are met. Last part: Be charismatic, engage in the conversation, don’t be too long, get to the point, and wait for the right time to talk.”
Never give too much and never talk too much either, just give enough.


In my conclusion, the recruiters are looking for potential candidates with an attitude to develop themselves.

Recruiters looking for potential candidates that can develop themselves. What you’re looking for is that potential in yourself.

Thank you so much to Mr. James Machado and Surya Sveluchi for the support.