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12 Professionals to follow on Linkedin


Whom should I follow on Linkedin?

A close friend asked me this question and I decided to do my list.
What I can say is that we should always follow those professionals who are committed to creating the best content related to their interests.
I’ve always known that women have the most important role in society, it’s been on my mind since childhood.
With that, I’ve been learning a lot from women who make a difference on Linkedin. For you who are really committed to growing your career, I have listed some professionals who are making a difference in my journey.
I would say you must follow these women on Linkedin!
If you want to learn more about networking, marketing, LinkedIn, personal branding, retail, resume/cover letter, and business you should follow the profiles listed below.
Gabriela Castro
Jeniffer Cattalo
Liz Ryan
Laura Sturmer
Dr Natalia Wiechowski
Ana Lokotkova
Shelly Elsliger
Laura Smith-Proulx
Kirsty Bonner
Ana Forlin
Adrienne Tom
Shay Rowbottom
Amanda Goodall
Share with your friend that wants to learn and grow his network on Linkedin. 😉
Follow me on Linkedin and stay tuned on my content. 😉

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