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3 tips to get more job interviews on LinkedIn


To get your dream job, among the initiatives you may consider, unquestionably, your LinkedIn profile plays a critical role in making you succeed.

LinkedIn has become the hub for job search and recruiters. Place where you must position yourself strategically, increasing the chances of being seen.

However, in touch with several international students and professionals in Canada, I’ve heard about the difficulties to thrive, which caught my attention and motivated me to write this article.

Among the efforts to get more job interviews on LinkedIn, there are some alternatives you may consider, but the foundations are crucial. I’m talking about the basics, the key pieces that some candidates are not paying attention to and unfortunately struggling with.

Don’t forget that a tall building requires a strong foundation. The same analogy applies to your LinkedIn profile to capture the attention of recruiters.

Here are the must-haves in your LinkedIn profile to get more job interviews on LinkedIn:

  • Update your headline
  • Tailor-made your profile for the position you’re looking for
  • Build your network

Let’s dive into each one of them in more detail.


Update your headline

Consider your headline as your tagline composed of the set of words that best represents the position you are looking to get more interviews.

If you have a specific position you’re looking for, don’t waste your time; include it in your headline. 

On the other hand, if you’re willing to get an interview for different positions, try to include the most relevant keywords related to those positions in your headline.

The bottom line is, make you headline something clear enough for someone who doesn’t know you, to understand the role you have familiarity with. To do so, don’t stretch it, including several words; otherwise, your headline may look confusing. 

Pro tip: my recommendation is a maximum of three keywords. Nobody will read and process more than three words reading your headline.


Tailor-made your profile for the position you’re looking for

My second recommendation will require you some time, but worth it. Shape your profile, always looking with skeptical eyes, removing everything unrelated to the position you’re aiming for. 

Some recruiters may consider you overqualified for a position in some situations. This is a very contradictory topic, and probably some people will say that it won’t make any difference. 

My recommendation is to keep only content aligned with your position to avoid any possible risk of diluting the recruiter’s attention by reading your profile and paying attention to parts unrelated to the job you are looking for.


Build your network

Today and ever. Never stop your efforts building your network. Probably this is where most of the professionals I know drop the ball.

And it happens for different reasons.

One of the causes is the false belief that this is a kind of thing that I can look at later. Different from anything else you can do on LinkedIn, networking is the process that requires the most of the time from you.

To build a solid network, you should deliver value to your peers. You may need time to introduce yourself and interact with others by booking Chats, Zoom calls and invites for a coffee. Every single interaction won’t happen overnight.

Another reason false belief relies on the underestimation of networking. Only with great connections will you move forward getting the interviews you want. 

My pro tip: Don’t postpone. Incorporate in your daily routine interaction with different people on LinkedIn to turn this pillar the most solid in your strategy. You won’t regret it.

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