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Creating an Inclusive Workplace Culture for All Generations, Including Gen Z


The youngest cohort in today’s workforce, Generation Z (born between 1997 and 2012), is gaining influence, but recruiters are struggling to attract and retain them, with some even being ghosted during the application process.

At LinkedIn’s Talent Connect, engaging Gen Z was a hot topic. Recruiters discussed how to better appeal to Gen Z talent and leverage their strengths in a multigenerational environment.

Here are five steps proposed for recruiters to create a culture where members of Gen Z–and all age groups–feel valued and thrive.

1. Explore Gen Z’s motivating factors
Gen Z values diversity, inclusion, belonging, and care for their physical and mental health. They also value flexible work options and have a deep appreciation for the power of diversity.

2. Reframe their reputation for job-hopping and provide the upskilling they’re looking for
Generation Z changes jobs more often, but this creates an opportunity for employers who are willing to provide them with the upskilling opportunities they desire. A robust learning and development program can be an enticing factor for job seekers.

3. Adapt recruitment strategies to match the Gen Z reality
Employers must interact with candidates through media they are comfortable with and ensure job ads and descriptions are mobile-friendly. A hiring process that drags on for weeks might also be counterproductive if recruiting Gen Z.

4. Give Gen Z work that has meaning
Gen Z wants to work in an environment where they feel their work has an impact. They tend to be less intimidated by hierarchy and appreciate a skills-first strategy.

5. Foster a spirit of co-creation
Creating a working environment that leverages the strengths of each generation and implementing cross-generational mentoring programs can be beneficial for bringing generations together.

Recruiters can help organizations understand and speak to Gen Zers while ensuring that other generations aren’t ignored. A skills-first environment allows employees to shine no matter their age or tenure with the company.


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