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Digital Marketing ManagerCrowdBlink Technologies Inc.Toronto, ON•Remote Build out of marketing campaigns based on assets created by the Content team; Monitor and report on content marketing metrics and show continuous improvement of… 30+ days ago·More…View all CrowdBlink Technologies Inc. jobs – Toronto jobsSalary Search: Digital Marketing Manager salaries in Toronto, ON


The Opportunity

Are you an innovative, creative and goal driven marketing professional looking for your next big career opportunity? Join an established company as it builds its next-generation technology platform and create and optimize our marketing strategies while directly driving company growth.

CrowdBlink, and its parent company Intellitix, are the leading global provider of RFID access control, cashless payments, and experiential event technology. With clients including Tomorrowland, San Diego Comic-Con, BlizzCon, The Rio Open, MGM, and more across the globe. You will be joining CrowdBlink to help launch its next generation ticketing, access control, and cashless payment technology to the global live event industry.

About You…

You know and understand the tech landscape and want to work on something with a very real-world impact. You’ve probably taken “a few swings” at your own start-up or had experience working in a SaaS B2B company, and now you’re looking for you next challenge where you can work with a team of similarly passionate, smart, and talented people – while having the autonomy and empowerment to make key decisions.

You are a leader and a doer; you are looking for a hands-on challenge as you grow to the next level of your career. You lead your team from the front and are willing to roll up your sleeves and work alongside your team.

You are looking for something “different” – you don’t want to be a cog in a wheel, but rather working on a team as it builds and launches a killer product, in a proven market, and having the chance to create end-to-end funnels, marketing campaigns, and be given the ability to really create something new and special.

You are passionate about personal growth and learning. You want to work with a team where egos and politics aren’t a factor, and you’re encouraged to question, challenge, and contribute.

You’re super-organized and don’t need to be micro-managed. You work best with collaboration and goal setting but then can take work away and make things happen.

You’re equally comfortable creating a PPC campaign, running an A/B experiment on a landing page to optimize for conversions, as well as writing an email nurture sequence or blog post.

You are looking for an opportunity at a company with room for you to grow and advance your career as you show what you can do.


  • Planning and executing the marketing strategy and campaigns.
  • Driving new traffic and prospects/leads through paid and organic search as well as social and content marketing.
  • Building and optimizing high performing landing pages and crafting offers.
  • Nurturing and engaging prospects (as well as clients) through the newsletter, and various forms of engagement to help increase conversion rates and utilization.
  • Will be responsible for growing the marketing team and creating the hiring plan.
  • Hiring and working with external contractors, freelancers, and other resources as needed.
  • Own the marketing budget and planning of future goals and charting a path for the brand.
  • Own the systems and technology stack used for marketing (marketing automation, CMS, etc.)
  • Create and execute A/B tests on web pages, landing pages, emails, and ads;
  • Build out of marketing campaigns based on assets created by the Content team;
  • Create and send email newsletters and create nurture sequences to turn prospects into leads;
  • Maintain a dashboard of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and metrics to measure the impact of the marketing projects being conducted;
  • Manage department budgets;
  • Assist with recruitment of management of in-house and outsourced data analysts, graphic designers, videographers, developers, etc.;
  • Increase marketing qualified leads and sales opportunities;
  • Create landing pages to turn traffic into prospects with compelling design and copy;
  • Craft offers on the website to deliver the best content to visitors;
  • Responsible to organize and run webinars;
  • Drive ad-hoc projects, such as video creation, to completion;
  • Develop and manage a content marketing strategy that supports organizational goals from the top to the bottom of the marketing and sales funnel including: Increasing Brand and Offer Awareness, Growing Website Traffic, Generating Leads, Acquiring Customers, Retaining Customers;
  • Create, edit and manage the production of digital and print content that is consistent with the organization’s brand, style and tone;
  • Develop and maintain a content calendar that attracts and appeals to the organization’s various customer personas;
  • Development of standard operating procedures (SOPs) for the planning, execution, optimization, distribution and amplification of the organization’s content;
  • Manage in house and outsourced content creators, editors, data analysts, graphic designers, videographers, developers, etc.;
  • Ownership and maintenance of the marketing websites.
  • Monitor and report on content marketing metrics and show continuous improvement of the content strategy based on analytics;
  • Hire and manage in-house and outsourced writers, editors, data analysts, graphic designers, videographers, developers, etc.

Minimum/Basic Qualifications

  • Whether you studied marketing in school, or you dropped out and learned marketing by doing and building your own business, you are a skilled and talented marketer.
  • 3+ years of experience of project management.
  • Experience with HubSpot and marketing automation tools.
  • Experience working in B2B SaaS companies.
  • Strong background in data and reporting, and ability to use data to draw conclusions.
  • Some copywriting experience and the ability to communicate ideas clearly.
  • Ability to work remotely and create and use documentation.
  • Critical thinking skills and the ability to apply reason to problems – just because you don’t have experience with something doesn’t mean you can’t figure it out.
  • Attention to detail and sense of ownership (you care and are not interested in sloppy work).

To Apply

Include a short explanation of what you think makes a great marketing campaign.

Why Choose CrowdBlink/Intellitix?

CrowdBlink, and its parent company Intellitix, have had the opportunity to work with some of the world’s largest events and biggest names in our industry. Our services and software are used at events such as festivals, sporting and esports events, and fan conventions and conferences. We’ve processed over $1 billion in cashless payments and served more than 30 million users’ event experiences.

Be part of a winning global team, where you will thrive in a culture that values collaboration and openness. We offer a fast-paced environment, and the opportunity to contribute significantly and put your fingerprint on the development and direction of our brand. Visit our websites and to learn more about our success stories and clients! We have developed industry-leading solutions running on mobile and via RFID in access control, cashless(contactless) payments, and experiential opportunities in the live event industry.

At Intellitix you will join a tight knit team where you are trusted and empowered to make decisions and contribute across the entire company. We believe in hiring the right team and actually trusting them to deliver.

Digital Marketing Manager


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