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Don’t Miss Out on Talented Candidates Who are Open to Work


Targeting Open to Work Candidates for Increased Job Applications

Similarly, Open to Work candidates are 86% more likely to apply to a job post upon viewing it compared with candidates who haven’t signaled they’re open to work. That means it’s well worth targeting and engaging these candidates to point them to your job opening. By targeting them, you’re actively engaging with a talent pool that is eager to seek out new opportunities.

Recruiters: Don’t Underestimate the Potential of Open to Work Candidates

Some recruiters may harbor misconceptions about Open to Work candidates, assuming they’re overly eager or potentially less qualified. Perhaps that’s why only 17% of all recruiter searches include an Open to Work filter. But those misconceptions are just that — misconceptions — and recruiters who overlook Open to Work candidates may be missing an easy opportunity to improve their reach and engagement.

In reality, Open to Work candidates aren’t a flood of underqualified applicants — they’re a valuable talent pool waiting to be tapped. With the Spotlight filter, you can actively find the most qualified members who also happen to be Open to Work — then you choose who is worth reaching out to.

Maximizing Candidate Engagement with Open to Work Filters

Open to Work candidates are almost twice as likely to accept your InMail and apply to your job posting — yet for many recruiters, they remain an underutilized resource.

If it’s been a while since you’ve used the Open to Work Spotlight filter, consider this your friendly reminder. It’s a simple way to significantly improve your candidate engagement.


For this analysis, “Open to Work candidates” includes members who explicitly enrolled in Open to Work, whether enrollment was made visible to all members or recruiters only. InMails included in this analysis were sent in the last 12 months from April 2023 to March 2024. Open to Work candidates enrolled up to three months prior to receiving an InMail. Views and apply clicks for paid jobs occurred in the last 12 months from April 2023 to March 2024. Open to Work candidates enrolled up to three months prior to viewing or applying. LinkedIn Recruiter searches were performed in 2023; Open to Work searches are where the Spotlight filter for interested Open to Work candidates was applied.


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