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Finding SEO keywords to improve your Linkedin profile


To find SEO keywords to improve my profile, I do simple keyword research based on my intentions to upgrade my keyword’s list.

To clarify some points, I ask myself some questions to guide my thoughts:

What do I want to rank?

Do these keywords get reasonable search volume?

Do they match the intent of your target audience?

How I am finding LinkedIn SEO keywords:

1️⃣  I search for the terms, words, skills, associated with the services/intentions that I offer;

2️⃣  I look at the full results;

3️⃣  I sort the keywords based on search volume; (Put in order)

4️⃣  I expand results for all degrees connections (first, second and third-degree);

5️⃣  I analyze the keywords used in the results; (double-check all relevance)

6️⃣  Done. Keywords list updated.

Finally, I compare my Linkedin SEO keywords list to my regular SEO keywords list.

Some areas to add keywords:

✅  Headline

✅  Summary/About

✅  Work experience

✅  Recommendations (ask recommendation based on your skills if possible)

✅  Skills section

I have listed my SEO keywords for a long time, and I review them monthly.

Do you do the same? Tell me in the comments.

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