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Improve Your Negotiation Skills by Understanding Yourself


# Negotiation Expert William Ury on How to Navigate Conflict

## Introduction:
– Curt Nickisch introduces William Ury, a negotiation expert, and discusses the importance of preparing for negotiations.
– Ury’s latest book is titled “Possible: How We Survive and Thrive in An Age of Conflict.”

## Viewing Conflict Differently:
– Ury explains how conflict is essential for growth and development.
– Discusses the shift in decision-making from top-down to more horizontal approaches, leading to increased negotiation and conflict.

## Challenges in Modern Negotiations:
– Ury highlights the need for self-awareness and perspective in negotiations.
– Talks about the impact of technology and social media on conflict resolution.

## The Philosophy of Possibility:
– Ury describes himself as a “possibilist” and emphasizes the potential of human beings to resolve conflicts creatively.
– Shares examples of transforming conflicts through patient and constructive negotiation.

## Practical Tips for Successful Negotiations:
– Discusses the importance of internal negotiations within organizations.
– Advises on the value of self-reflection and understanding underlying needs in negotiations.

## Techniques for Effective Negotiation:
– Talks about the importance of listening in negotiation and building bridges to facilitate agreement.
– Discusses the concept of BATNA (Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement) and its role in successful negotiations.

## Bringing It All Together:
– Ury emphasizes the role of negotiation in business and daily life.
– Encourages continuous improvement in negotiation skills to navigate conflicts successfully.

## Conclusion:
– Curt Nickisch thanks William Ury for sharing his insights on negotiation and conflict resolution.
– Provides information on accessing more podcasts from HBR for professional development.

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