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Insights from Industry Experts on the Impact of AI on the Future of Work


In a recent LinkedIn post, Crystal Lim-Lange, CEO of Forest Wolf, reflects on the year 1994 when the internet was just beginning to gain popularity and questions arose about how it would impact jobs. She emphasizes that all jobs were ultimately impacted by the internet. Fast forward thirty years, and now people are wondering how generative AI will affect jobs. This question is at the core of LinkedIn’s 2024 Future of Recruiting report and Workplace Learning Report, which explore how AI is reshaping work and the very nature of work itself.

Following the publication of these reports, industry experts, including Crystal, shared their thoughts on the implications outlined in the reports. Christopher Lind, Chief Learning Officer at ChenMed, emphasizes that AI should not be seen as a zero-sum game, but rather as a way to augment human capabilities and expand possibilities. Crystal further discusses the potential of AI-powered career coaching to transform career development by providing personalized guidance and learning opportunities.

Stacey Gordon, Executive Advisor at Rework Work, stresses the importance of articulating company values to attract candidates who align with the organization’s ethos. Al Dea, Founder of Edge of Work, suggests that companies should focus on equipping employees with career navigation skills to foster self-sustaining growth. Sophie Wade, Founder of Flexcel Network, advocates for true flexible work arrangements to attract and retain top talent.

Overall, these industry voices highlight the need for ongoing discussions and adaptation to the changing landscape of work brought about by technology and AI advancements. By staying informed and engaging in dialogue, organizations can better prepare for the inevitable shifts that will impact all of us.


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