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Learn how to use Personal Marketing to engage on LinkedIn


Although its relevance is recognized by many, personal marketing is neglected and misunderstood by several LinkedIn members. 

With thousands of members, LinkedIn is the perfect place to do your best to leverage your professional visibility and create solid connections.

Personal marketing can help you with that. But why so many people do not consider it? 

The answers are diverse. Regardless of why you didn’t start yet, I’d like to share three simple steps with you today to move you ahead of the competition by establishing yourself as relevant as possible for your connections.

No further to say, let’s get started:

Step 1: Be focused and objective

Your personal marketing plan should have an objective. What do you intend doing it? Get a job? Help you in a career transition? Position yourself as an authority in your industry?

The objectives may vary, but the foundations of what you need are the same when it comes down to planning. 

Set an objective and milestones in your personal marketing project. Include them in a periodic self-review when assessing the progress of your plan. 

When you internalize in our routine a weekly or monthly check to assess how things are going, you will have the chance to make the necessary adjustments but keeping the overall direction of your plan.

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Step 2: Add people to your network

As the next step in your plan, add connections to your network progressively. 

The Linkedin mission is pretty straightforward: 

“The mission of LinkedIn is simple: connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful.”

But be careful. Don’t add more people to your network on LinkedIn just to “have more connections.” The number of connections doesn’t mean anything if you don’t have a relationship with them. 

The total number is a vanity metric by itself. The situation becomes different when you nurture your network by creating a relationship with them. Just a few people I know achieve this level of interaction with their connections.

Why is it important? Because as many people you know that you could send a LinkedIn message to ask for help or establish an interaction, the better. Again, don’t focus on the size of your list, but the quality level. 

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Step 3: Deliver value

When interacting with your connections, you shouldn’t always ask. You should deliver value in being a relevant connection in your network. 

Pay attention to looking around for those who need some support or advice. Be proactive and available to help when required. Be recognized as someone willing to help is crucial when creating solid connections.

When sharing content on LinkedIn, be limited to your content calendar. Avoid sharing your points of view on sensitive topics, such as politics, religion, or sports. Nothing you will get creating unnecessary noise that can be interpreted as something disrespectful for some.

Instead, focus on the topics you want to be associated with. What you deliver in terms of value should align with the goals you decided for yourself on step 1.

When you reach the “momentum,” when you notice the people calling or mentioning you in association with what you have decided earlier in your plan, it is the signal that things are moving in the right direction. 

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