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Linkedin Profile Best Practices


✅ Linkedin Profile Best Practices

I would say that these strategies worked for me and will work for you.
1️⃣ Professional photo: * Dressing professional and a plain background. You can get 21x profile more views and 36x more messages;
2️⃣ Up to date information * List your current position or your work field;
3️⃣ Engage title and relevant skills * List your main skills and engage skills in the title. Members with more than 5 skills receive 5x more messages by recruiters and have more than 75x more profiles views.
4️⃣ Location, location, location… * Most of the recruiters looking for potential candidates by location;
5️⃣ Summary * Summarise your experiences and goal. Tell who you are and the goals that you want to achieve.

TIP: Check if your skills match the strengths you want to be known for.

Don’t be shy and always add your personality!

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