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Navigating the Age of AI: A Look at Talent Reports and Strategies for 2024


The business world is currently experiencing a significant shift in how workforces are built and developed. Three major events – the rapid rise of generative AI, a focus on skills-based talent, and the integration of talent acquisition and development – are reshaping the landscape and creating new opportunities.

In my role as the vice president of talent at LinkedIn, I have a unique perspective on these transformations. Leading talent acquisition and development is a new and exciting challenge, with the potential to make work more fulfilling for employees and companies alike.

To navigate these changes successfully, we must be willing to adapt and evolve our strategies. LinkedIn has conducted surveys, consulted with experts, and analyzed platform data to create the 2024 Talent Reports: Insights and Actions for the Age of AI. These reports, the 2024 Workplace Learning Report and The Future of Recruiting 2024 report, provide valuable insights for navigating the evolving talent landscape.

Despite economic challenges, companies are recognizing the importance of investing in talent development and acquisition. The reports show that a vast majority of global executives plan to increase or maintain their investment in learning and development and talent acquisition in the coming months. However, knowing where to invest can be a challenge. For example, while only 38% of U.S. executives are currently helping employees develop AI skills, the Workplace Learning Report indicates that 80% of employees are eager to learn AI skills. These reports can help guide investment decisions and drive success in the evolving business environment.


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