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Revolutionizing Recruiting: Five Ways AI Can Transform the Process


Roz Francuz-Harris, the vice president of talent acquisition at Zillow, shared her strong endorsement of using AI in her work during a recent Talent Connect talk. She emphasized that AI allows her to save time and prioritize her family, while also giving her team the opportunity to focus on the more human aspects of their work.

Having also led talent teams at IBM, Uber, Slack, and WarnerMedia, Roz understands the value of AI in making the recruiting process more objective, effective, and efficient. This, in turn, allows recruiters to focus on building relationships and strategic decision-making.

While AI is often discussed in vague and hyped terms, Roz’s talk provided practical and detailed insight into how AI can benefit talent teams. She offered concrete guidelines on using AI to enhance diversity, streamline mundane tasks, and even address challenges such as an insensitive hiring manager.

In her session, “Revolutionizing Talent Acquisition: AI Meets Inclusivity and Authenticity,” Roz shared practical tips that her team has successfully implemented. One such tip is to create a game of learning AI, which Roz’s team accomplished by gamifying their use of generative AI through a competition called “Prompt-a-thon.” This contest encouraged team members to submit use cases for Zillow’s internal generative AI, ZGChat, and rewarded the winning teams and individuals for their innovative use of AI.

Overall, Roz’s talk provided valuable insights into how AI can be leveraged to not only save time and increase efficiency, but also to foster enthusiasm and creativity among talent teams. Her practical tips offer a refreshing perspective on the tangible benefits of AI in the talent acquisition process.

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