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The Future of AI Powered by L&D: Workplace Learning Report 2024


The Workplace Learning Report for 2024 emphasizes the importance of career development and an intentional learning culture in the age of artificial intelligence. It stresses that skill-building is no longer a perk but a priority for organizational success, with learning being the key to creating camaraderie and meaning within teams. The report highlights the desire for AI skills among employees, the motivation generated by career progress, and the need for companies to embrace both AI skills and career development to retain talent.

To build a continuous learning culture, it is important to tailor learning to individual career goals, promote internal mobility, train managers to support professional development, encourage a lifelong learning mindset, and provide flexible learning opportunities. The report also suggests that companies with strong learning cultures experience healthier management pipelines, increased internal mobility, and higher retention rates.

Successful career development strategies include leadership development programs, shared internal job postings, mentorship programs, individual career plans, and internal mobility. Despite the task’s size, it is essential not to lose momentum but instead focus on easy wins and embrace small steps forward. Additionally, it is crucial to cultivate bold thinking and consider career navigation as a mission-critical skill set.

As technology-driven skills continue to evolve, human skills remain essential. The report encourages readers to explore the full report and companion report, “The Future of Recruiting,” for insights on the evolving hiring landscape.


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