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The importance of taking action on Linkedin


What you should know about the importance of taking action on Linkedin

For many people, public speaking is a challenge. It often causes a mixture of emotions that lead us to become defensive, protecting us. Emotional intelligence is very important nowadays, even more so in modern society and competitive corporate environments. Knowing how to control your emotions will help you move forward in life’s challenges.

In times of social media, authenticity is a feature that speaks loudly and connects with your audience, it is something fundamental. Overall, communicate with authenticity for your audience to connect! This connection generates engagement in which helps to promote your product, service, or yourself as a professional.

But, after all, how to take the first step and move to the next level?


You must practice and develop the best of yourself every day. Practice overcoming the barrier of speaking in public or even communicating with your audience on social media. This will help you exercise your emotional intelligence and develop skills that you didn’t even know.

A good practice is to write posts for your audience. Then I want to give you some tips:

  1. Be authentic! You will be pleasantly surprised that people notice you and identify you when there is authenticity.
  2. Write or make a video. Talk about something you have mastered or are developing.
  3. Don’t be afraid of judgments. There will always be someone in the world who identifies with you.
  4. Never compare yourself to anyone.
  5. You must be your only reference for your own development.

Also, I can recommend some great courses on Linkedin Learning such as:

Do you want to know if it all works?

I was recently challenged by my colleague @Mehmet Sever and joined the #WonsultingPayItForward movement from @Jonathan Javier💡 and @Jerry Lee💡. Basically, I opened my agenda to help Linkedin members who want to learn about strategies and optimization, and growth on the platform.

I had the immense satisfaction of meeting several professionals and students from around the world where I was able to contribute to my expertise. You can see some posts here. I met @Nhan Le from San Jose/California who understood it perfectly and started his journey and practice to put out there his thoughts and posted it on his Linkedin this:

Post on Linkedin
Comments on a Linkedin post
He got an amazing engagement from his network and also from the Linkedin community. This is the spirit guys, be interested to be interesting. Move on!




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