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Top Jobs in 2024: What Is in High Demand?


LinkedIn’s latest talent stats show that the global healthcare sector is facing a shortage of talent, with healthcare roles making up 6 out of the top 10 jobs with the fastest-growing demand. These roles include Care Specialist, Surgical Technician, and Medical Surgical Nurse. The global shortage of health workers is predicted to reach 10 million by 2030, and this demand is only expected to increase due to an aging global population.

In addition to healthcare roles, administrative and customer-facing positions, such as Secretary and Business Administrator, are also experiencing a surge in demand. Despite predictions that AI advancements would make these roles obsolete, they continue to be in high demand.

Customer-facing roles, such as Retail Salesperson and Store Manager, remain in high demand, with an increased premium placed on in-person work post-pandemic. Additionally, software and full stack engineers are seeing a resurgence in demand after falling in rank for two consecutive quarters.

Competing for the most in-demand candidates can be challenging, but staying up-to-date with the latest trends and insights can help businesses set realistic expectations and adjust their offers accordingly. LinkedIn provides detailed hiring guides with free resources to help businesses build a healthy workforce.

Based on global LinkedIn data, the most in-demand jobs are those with the highest number of job posts in the most recent quarter. The jobs with the fastest-growing demand are those with the greatest growth rate, with growth rate calculated by the share of job posts in the most recent quarter relative to the previous quarter. Roles with fewer than 1,000 job posts in either quarter and roles for which the majority of job posts come from a single company were excluded from the analysis.


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