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  • LULU UNLIMITED is looking to add to our team – Editorial + Social Media Intern placements.

Lulu Unlimited is a company that builds brands, events and also digital magazines. At Lulu Unlimited we have offered great ops for people to expand their growth and talent which leads to amazing career ops.

You will be given the opportunity to work with a diverse group of people and a variety of clients in an ever-changing industry.

Applicants must be prepared for a fast-paced, self-motivated, entrepreneurial work place, and have the dedication to work alongside the team.

Please note – Internship is Unpaid but for University/College Credit + portfolio!

Personal Qualifications:

Excellent communication skills

Strong time management skills with the ability to plan, prioritize dedicated projects.

Ability to apply time outside of the office to be consistent with your tasks

Editorial Applicants will have experience in research, copy writing and editing. Some flare in style of writing is also appreciated.

Social Media Applicants must have experience in social media and some knowledge in digital marketing.

Team Player – Ability to collaborate with other and work both as a team and independently

Website –


Lulu is an incredibly dynamic creative professional.

Our students need to complete a field training of 160 hours. The opportunities Lulu provided our students with is enriching them beyond their required hours. Lulu is providing a once in a life experience for our students, she is extremely knowledgeable, honest, nurturing, with a great understanding of the industry and what the clients really need.

Janice Kaufmann

Professor | Graphic Design Program | Design and Digital Arts

It has been a pleasure working with Lulu Vibert. She has provided our students will great field experiences and the opportunity to work in environments that are not readily available to them, ie. editorial photo shoots. The students have thoroughly enjoyed their experiences, and gained a stronger understanding of online publications, marketing, social media, writing, styling, research and trend forecasting. Thank you, Lulu, for always supporting the students!

Michelle Walc

Field Education Coordinator/Fashion Instructor | Continuing Education George Brown College

” My 9-week remote internship period with Lulu has been an incredible learning experience. I had the opportunity to create and curate content on HAROLD Magazine & Sacred Lifestyle Magazine’s social media platforms, in addition to copywriting, writing descriptions, editing, and sourcing trends related to architecture, design, travel, influencers, etc. The editorial and social media world is fast-paced, and my experience with Lulu Unlimited Inc. was nothing short of that. Working under pressure is one way to adopt problem solving skills, which is essential for any field you choose to go in.

From the beginning, Lulu has been not only my mentor, but my friend. She cares about her interns and genuinely wants them to excel into the best versions of themselves – that means challenging yourself to step outside of your comfort zone, learning how to take constructive criticism, and making creative decisions (fast). Lulu’s grit and expertise in the field provides an unparalleled learning experience, which I am so grateful to have been a part of.

Thank you, Lulu!

Alicia Grant, George Brown College “

I had no prior experience in the editorial or publishing industry, but LULU Unlimited Inc. took me in under their wing and taught me many valuable skills. Being in a supportive and stimulating environment, I was able to quickly learn about researching different businesses/companies and how to professionally network with them. I also gained experience in the editorial aspect of publishing a magazine, where my communication and proofreading skills were heightened. Alongside my hard-working team, we were able to publish the Sacred Lifestyle Summer Issue 2020.

Audrey Li

Working with Lulu has been an incredibly valuable experience. I am so grateful for my time with her and she truly is one of a kind. Lulu cares about the people who work for her and wants to see them succeed. I consider Lulu a mentor who has helped me in more ways then I could ever ask for. I feel forever in her debt for all that she has taught me. If you get the chance to work with this incredible woman, do not hesitate. Lulu is the perfect example of a strong, independent, smart and savvy businesswoman who treats people with respect and love but also knows how to get the job done. Every day working for her was a worthwhile experience and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

– Christina Gregoire

“My experience at Lulu Unlimited has been one of my most valuable and educational experiences. During my time there I had several responsibilities that not only taught me about the industry I’d like to work in, but helped me grow personally as well. Lulu fosters such a great working environment, but more importantly she encourages people to reach well beyond their perceived limitations and goals. Whether you are there for 3 months, 6 months, or a year, you will leave with valuable experiences and incredible memories.”

Elexciss Thomas

“It was such a pleasure to work for Lulu, I was never able enough to channel my creativity anywhere else compared to when I was working with her. She challenged and motivated me to expand all my skills on every aspect, and was very encouraging when it came to starting something new. I considered for her to be more of a mentor towards me, rather then a supervisor.”

Alona Dehtyar

University of Guelph Humber

My time at Lulu Unlimited was invaluable. While I was at Lulu Unlimited, I worked on 3 different magazines to source and create content that was on brand and relevant to their unique audiences. While working on the magazines, I learned a great deal about writing, editing, working under pressure and creativity. I also learned about problem solving and how to conduct myself professionally with clients and co-workers.

Under Lulu’s guidance, I was also able to explore different career paths. I was able to try out social media, event planning and even office management. My experiences at the company helped me discover what I was passionate about and showed me how I could turn that passion into a professional career. I tried new things without fear and developed myself both professionally and personally.

Lulu was and still is my biggest supporter. She encouraged me to try new things and to never give up. Her experience, commitment and expertise inspired me every single day. Working with Lulu helped foster my strengths and strengthen my weaknesses. She taught me a great many things that I will carry with me throughout my life. I’m so grateful for everything that she taught me and everything that I learned while working with her. I wouldn’t be the person that I am today without her.

-Maria Rossi

I got to spend some time with Lulu last summer working on editorial layouts, branding, and social media. She always pushed me to be my best and helped build up my confidence as a designer. The time I spent working with Lulu was mind opening. She is one of the strongest, most creative women I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. Working with Lulu was definitely a valuable experience that I will take with me for the rest of my career.

-Sara Horne


Thank you for taking me in and giving me the opportunity to grow in a place where I felt comfortable being myself. I learned so much from you, your work ethic and your business. I’m excited to see where I end up next. You will always have a friend in me.

You are such a free spirit and the world needs more like you.

We will definitely keep in touch.

-Ronit Frigillana, Ryerson

Hello Lulu,

I wanted to take a final opportunity to show my utmost appreciation for the opportunity you gave me with the placement and the all around guidance and support throughout the time of the internship.

From the moment I left the interview I knew that Lulu Unlimited was the place for me in more than one way, and as time went on, proof of this came to light every day in the office.

It is because of this placement and your guidance that I have a better understanding of what I want to do in my life and how I want to go about doing it. Your motivation and drive for what you do inspires me and was a joy talways utilizing these parts of me in my everyday life.

Thank you finally for the opportunity to be apart of the Lulu Unlimited Squad. Throughout the internship, I constantly felt supported and heard and this is a ambience that was and is set by you. I will continue to apply everything I’ve learned everyday and wish you nothing but amazing success in the future. I look forward to one day hopefully crossing paths again, until then, thank you greatly.

I consider myself incredibly lucky to have been placed with you at Lulu Unlimited and will continue to find myself making reference to things I have learned over the period of the internship. This placement has not only given me drive and determination, it has taught me discipline and principle in ways that cannot be taught in a classroom. The opportunity to come in, obtain your input, and overall support on my work has been a great privilege and I will continue to remember that throughout my years in the industry. I truthfully have come out of this experience with a clear vision of what I will work towards I continue to use things I have learned through the placement every day rather it be reference to the industry or common principle, that in which we always agreed on. The time I spent at the internship was the first opportunity I had to work in the industry and finally feel that I was working towards something that I moved to Toronto to do, permanently instilling a drive and determination inside of me, and for that i will be forever grateful. I have learned an incredible amount about the industry and myself, knowledge I would never receive in a classroom or at a different placement. You have shown me things in myself I was not sure were there, and am deeply appreciative for that.

Callum Thompson – George Brown

Part-time hours: 20 per week

Job Types: Part-time, Internship

Work remotely:

  • Yes


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