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Freddie’s mission is an ambitious one: halving the transmissions of new HIV infections in Canada. HIV is on the rise, and LGBTQ2S+ communities have less access to inclusive sexual health education, testing, and treatment. Freddie has built direct-to-consumer telemedicine offerings to enable this community to access PrEP, an HIV prevention medication that reduces the risk of acquiring HIV by 99% when taken as prescribed.

We are now focusing on improving our content efforts by revamping our magazine, increasing engagement with email, and committing to expanding our social media presence.

The social media effort is where you come in. Video-based content is our main priority, with TikTok & Reels as our two top channels of focus.

You will be working with our Content Marketing Manager who is queer & a self-described TikTok addict. They will present existing ideas that they have, keep you informed on priorities, and work with you to streamline the creation process.

In order to quickly scale content, we will be exclusively creating videos with the green screen effect. This will involve your eyes & mouth over still images in order to personify them. Basically, you would be a sort of “mascot.” Here’s an example. This means that advanced video editing skills aren’t necessarily required, as long as you can tell a good story with your mouth and eyes. We expect that this simple video style will allow for multiple TikTok videos to be created per hour. Though there will likely be opportunities to explore other types of content as we progress and evolve in our creative journey. Our goal is between 60-120 videos created per month.

This work will involve the following:

  • Writing and developing posts & captions for TikTok/Reels
  • Staying on top of social media trends and pitching ideas to increase engagement
  • Incorporating statistics & facts surrounding LGBTQ+ sexual wellness into skits
  • Helping to develop and maintain our social media content calendar

What we’re looking for:

  • Experience making TikToks/Reels.
  • An intimate connection with the LGBTQ+ community, the nuances of queer love/sex/lifestyle, and familiarity with the terms & slang that are used to describe them.
  • A love for memes, meme culture, & keeping up with trending skits/audios on TikTok.
  • Creativity & humour. You need to be funny & feel comfortable brainstorming and experimenting with new ideas.
  • Ability to research and fact-check about any health-related information.

Bonus Points:

  • Either being Canadian or familiar with Canadian landmarks, slang, and the queer Canadian scene in general.
  • Experience writing on harm-reduction principles, HIV & other STIs, queer studies, or sexual wellness.
  • Advanced video editing skills for TikTok.

This position is a contractor role that is paid hourly.


If this seems to be the perfect fit for you, please apply by going to our website: https://purposemed.bamboohr.com/jobs/

Upload a copy of your resume, AS WELL AS submit your own TikTok video that uses the green screen effect with a PrEP pill or pill bottle. This can be uploaded via the file upload option or the link can be inserted in the portfolio section.

Your goal in this TikTok is simply to entertain. Think of the PrEP pill bottle as the means of providing commentary around its owner and their uniquely queer behaviour/experience.

Like Woody from Toy Story reacting to an adult, queer, sexually active Andy. Examples of potential scenarios include:

  • Becoming jealous over its owner giving more attention to vitamin pills or poppers
  • Being awoken in the middle of the night hearing its owner preparing for a late-night hookup
  • Watching its owner scroll through toxic profiles on Grindr
  • Overhearing myths regarding PrEP, condoms, HIV discrimination, etc…
  • Feeling empty inside and having an existential crisis
  • Watching its owner fall in love too fast

Freddie is committed to being an equal opportunity employer, so we highly encourage those from excluded and marginalized communities to apply. Such as (but not limited to): Indigenous, Black, and racialized communities, trans and non-binary, LGBTQ2S+, disabled, HIV positive people.

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